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It's your first day back at uni and you're looking forward to a pleasant second year at Roserra Magic Academy together with your good friends, Isla and Wynn. Your biggest problems are deciding what field you want to pursue in the future and expanding your horizons in the magical world. Surely no one is about to make a prediction that will put a spotlight on you and turn your peaceful days into a nightmare.


  • 33 000+ words
  • 2 love interests
  • 3 endings: one per LI + a normal ending, no bad endings here
  • choice indicator that can be turned on from the options menu (never need a guide again) 


Isla Maplecrown is the MC's best friend and roommate. She comes from a long line of clairvoyants and dreams of becoming one herself, but so far has not had any visions of the future. She's stubborn, excitable, and usually a great friend. She's into older men.

Wynn Knight is MC's other good friend and Isla's childhood friend. His strong offensive magic has landed him a spot on the Magic Duels club. He doesn't see the appeal of clairvoyance, much to Isla's chagrin. He loves joking around with Isla and MC. Usually, he is confident and doesn't mind being the center of attention. Usually. 

Sabian Maplecrown, Isla's older brother, is an established clairvoyant in his final year at Roserra Academy. He has a promising career ahead of him which contributes to his rocky relationship with his sister. He is generally kind, soft-spoken, and an excellent teacher. He's a teaching assistant and part of the student event planning committee.

Final words

This visual novel was made for the Otome Jam 2022.

If you liked this or any of my other games, please consider leaving a tip, comment and/or rating to encourage me to make more games (so many projects gathering dust on the shelf T_T). 

Thanks for playing! <3


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Version 1.11

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It has the same vibes as When Summer Found Me. How do you do it. Haha. It's so cozy and nice

I wish I played Sabian's route first, but overall it feels like a full circle story


Haha, thanks. I just have a lot of stories floating around in my head and sometimes I have enough willpower to make them into a game lol. 

Actually replaying this now (the game's just randomly popped in my mind), and it's still great! Looks like I'm in the minority here, but I really like Wynn (more than Sabian, although he's a nice guy too). There's something catchy in this game, as well as in Summer found me... something natural and unique at the same time. Dunno, just love this! Hope you'll make more otome games in the future :)

Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm glad you're replaying the game and still enjoying it and that you liked Wynn. There's always a favorite LI in my and any otomes and I'm always glad when my underdog has fans haha.
Although I am not a native speaker, I know English will reach the most people so I try my best to make the dialogues seem realistic because that's the kind of stories I like to read myself. 

I am always working on something hehe~

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at first i didn't expect to like this game that much, but i think it's one of the best i've ever played <3


Aww, thanks so much! So glad you liked it! <3 

I want to try both routes but I don't know how I can possibly convince myself to go along with the prediction. Like I would specifically never date someone just because of that with how the others act lol


I love this -- I did Sabian's route first like almost everyone haha and then Wynn's. Excellent otome game 11/10 would recommend. I'm not sure which route I prefer. Sabian's more my own type (or maybe I'm just too old irl for boys with friend-groups that contain That One Jerk?) but they're both very well-written, and I love the epilogues too.

I did like the choice indicator option a lot, because I'm that person who uses a walkthrough to get all the fun endings for VNs and all the LIs I like.

I also really like the worldbuilding that we get to see! I'd love to play more games in this setting, if you're ever inspired to do more with it. And I will absolutely check out your other projects. I'm glad I found this one.

I did notice a couple of typos though. One on Sabian's route he says "responsability" but it should be "responsibility" And Wynn says "bird of pray" but it should be "bird of prey". In the epilogue, the MC says "a small peak" but it's "peek". In no way did they detract from my enjoyment, and I point them out only so you can fix them if you feel like it.

Thanks so much for your kind words! <3

I'm also someone who always uses choice indicators or walkthroughs which is why I wanted to try putting it in my game as well, even though Renpy allows for very quick skipping. 

I do hope you enjoy my other VNs if you end up trying them! Hopefully it won't take years again for me to start working on my next one... >_>

Thanks so much for pointing out those typos! I keep correcting them but more pop up lol. I will definitely fix them in the next update to the game!



It made my day. I was having a shitty day, full of anxiety and this game is helping so much. It's relaxing, cute, funny and very very entertaining! I love the music, the characters, the romance, the art, everything! I'm doing Sabian's route and him and MC are so adorably awkward! MC is so endearing too! Ahhh <3<3 (But I love Wynn too, I just happened to start with Sabian)

I'll keep playing now and probably be back in a while to yell more about it!!!



Thank you so much!! I do hope you like Wynn's route as well! Please do yell as much as you want lol, I'm always thrilled when someone is as excited as I am about a game. And glad to hear that my little story was able to help you through a bad day. Hopefully you will have as few of those as possible. <3

I did play Wynn's and love him!! Although my favorite is Sabian's story, I have to admit. THAT prediction (you know the ONE) made me fall for him hard and I kept thinking about it even during Wynn's route. 

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Hiya! Just completed Wynn's! Gonna go for Sabian next! Love it so far. Feels really natural, well-paced, well-developed. Thank you for your hard work!

EDIT: Just completed Sabian's! Ahhh, so good! I'll reiterate everybody's comments, super sweet and adorable. Want more. Really wonderful. Will play again.


Thank you!! It's the comments I receive that make it all worth while for me <3

Aw, I’m so glad! I look forward to your future/projects :)

I loved this game with all my heart, I just wish it was longer with even more routes <3

I'm also team Sabian, I've always been weak to the serious, responsible type... I'll come back to play his route again!

Great job <3

(1 edit)

Thank you so much! Haha the game was originally much shorter, and Sabian wasn't even in it, but it grew over time as I worked on it. It's a miracle that I managed to finish it in time for the jam tbh

Out of curiosity do you have anyone in mind for another route?

Hi, sorry for late answer!

So to answer your question, I think another route with one of Wynn's friends (not the asshole - sorry I forgot his name!) could be interesting, but I guess you'd have to change the prologue a little to introduce more fleshed out characters. 

I also thing it'd be fun to create another story within the same lore, maybe with whole new characters, or with Isla as MC? 

This game is really sweet and adorable! I'm glad i played it! We need more Sabian!

Thank youuu! Happy to hear you enjoyed it! <3

It was a very cute game♥
Personally, I liked Wynn better, but Sabian's route is also good


Thank you! So happy to see a Wynn fan here since based on the feedback Sabian is the favorite by a large majority  <3

AHHHHH! You know when you read a book and you have to put it down because the romance made you all flustered and you need a breather? This game is very good at doing that. (Loved every second of it ❤️)

Haha, so glad to hear that <3

OMG, I love love love your games! Looking forward to playing this! <3 So glad you're making games again, OMG!


Thank you so much, I hope you like it!

I LOVED it! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Filled in the form and leaved a rating. <3

The art is good <3

It looks cute and interesting, ill definitely play it :D


Loved it, finished Sabian's ending it was cute. <3


Happy to hear that! Based on the feedback so far it seems Sabian is a favorite haha 


it's a cute short feel-good story💙 

i liked sabian's route more but wynn's was fun too!


I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for playing <3