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That was pretty fun, short and pretty bittersweet. I enjoyed that, thanks dev!

Thank you for the message and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it :)

A very sweet game that I finally had manged to play. Thank you for the amazing experience.

This was a bittersweet game, for sure. Really cute and well-done, though. Worth playing through all the endings. I didn't expect to cry, but I definitely did. Still worth it.

Thank you <3


I have played this a year ago. *Sob* It was emotional and heartfelt. I like both routes and the plot ( o̷᷄ ·̫ o̥᷅ ) ahh it was good

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Ok Ok, I'm able to get it to work and why is this so emotional (*꒦ິ⌓꒦ີ) As someone who wears glasses, this hurts me physically and mentally (´≡ω≡。) I gotta say, Orion looks very similar to Subaru from Diabolik Lovers. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it, would cry again (꒦ິω꒦ິ)


This was one of the most bitter sweet and heartfelt games I've ever played. The story is just...words aren't enough to describe it. It was short yet very touching. While I enjoyed both the routes, Caleb's was my favorite despite it being sadder (Or maybe I liked it because it was more sad?). The music and style of art just adds the perfect atmosphere to the story. Thank you so much for this wonderful game.

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Hi, sorry to hear that. You can google the error and you will find some ways to fix it. Usually that means just downloading that missing dll


This is a very special and touching little story.  I really like the music and really enjoyed reading it.  I hope more people get to read/experience it and get the message that it brings along.

Thank you so much and I wish you the best in life too.  Keep up the good work!

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I decided to try this game and let me tell you I have no regrets , this game made me cry it was that good I loved Orion's route but I got to admit I might have liked Caleb's more  I think I it was Caleb's third ending that made me cry anyways what I am trying to say is that this game is amazing :D


Thanks so much! As bad as it sounds it makes me happy to hear people enjoyed the story so much they cried (I am sorry though)

It's comments like yours that make me come back years later and bring small updates to my older games. So thanks so much again!

why am I seeing this now sobbing thank U! so much for making amazing touching VNs like this one. Its been two years and its still one of my favs and no need to apologize lol, rarely do I cry from stories ,so me crying was just a sign that the story and writing were awesome<3(so sorry for the super late reply lol)

haha, no problem. this happens to me as well because I forget to check my emails or even itch. Sometimes I see comments from weeks or months ago and I'm too embarrassed to write back lol. glad you had more courage than me. thanks again! hopefully I will get off my butt and work on my next game 

im so glad i was able to play a visual novel this good. dude the quality of the art, music, and the plot are just amazing. i've played all the endings and it's quite . . .  bittersweet - but that doesn't hinder me from keeping this as one of the games i'll have in store somewhere in my heart :D

That means so much to me <3 Although I didn't reply at the time I read your comment initially, it was reading it that reminded me of this game. So I went through the project files and saw that I had started to redraw the sprites for this game at one point. I just finished them and made an update, so this update is partly thanks to you! Never underestimate the power of a comment :D

oh my god reading this from a (very cool) dev and artist just makes me so happy :D

reading that I'm a very cool dev makes ME happy lol. thanks again!

u r indeed a very cool dev that deserves happiness :D rooting for your other projects and works!! :D


I'll admit, when I first saw 'paranormal encounters' in the description, I was immediately hesitant to try this out hshs. Yes, I misunderstood it as I have been playing some slightly horror games earlier But yes- after a bit of reading the comments and having some time to myself.. I decided to give this a go!


I have no regret.

Truly loved it! I was a crying mess too because of the endings. It is what I would call, bittersweet as... you know how the endings are like </3 It was short, but full of impact for sure. I'm happy to have discovered this game and being able to play it! (and Caleb's route.. aaaaaa I can't ;; I do love Orion's route too though! each of them have a spot in my heart, in their own way~)


I had trouble to get to some of the endings but I managed to get all of them in the end so it was worth the effort. Kinda wish to be able to save the drawings but oh well, I can always view it in the ending selection. Even though it was quite short, it made getting the endings worthwhile, I really liked this.

This was a very nice and heartfelt game. I will admit im a wussy and cried a couple of times but it was great. :)

Bro I feel you, I did the same :

I really liked the story and I'm really glad that I chose this to be my first visual novel I ever played! Had to hold back some tears in their endings, but it'll have a special place in my heart from now <3


I'm so glad you enjoyed it and I'm honored to have made your first visual novel <3  It's a great medium for storytelling and I hope you play a lot of great ones in the future!

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Im also almost blind without my glasses, even though if something is near, i can somewhat see it. I had to go to school without my glasses for a few days, and it was horrible. Anyways. Orion where are you, im waiting. Edit:I found out that Caleb was a thing, but i still dont know who I would choose lol. I would miss Caleb too much, while with Orion, I would probably brush it all off as a dream or something, because it was blurry and i would take it as a sign that i cant remember it too well, but I would never think that Caleb would be a dream. Its complicated, really. 

I went through a similar experience when I was younger where I broke my glasses and had to go to school without them. I remember feeling so self conscious that I had to bring stuff all the way up to my nose to be able to see it and everyone was telling me how weird I looked without glasses. >.<

Uhm I loved tthe story but no matter what I do, I even read the guide, I cant get the last two endings, the option just never shows

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Hi! You can't get anding 0 until you have all the other endings. So which other ending are you missing? You can see them in the Extra menu.

I mean the very good endings for the red headed guy I can’t get them

Following the guide should be enough. I tested it and it should work. I also made a new version, but I couldn't find anything in the code that was wrong, I only corrected some visual stuff+typos.

Here is a demonstration of how I got the last 2 endings. (Spoilers tho!)

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Ah okay I’ll try again

OH I redownloaded the app and it worked, sorry for bothering you, this really is an amazing game

this made me feel very touched. i liked lina as well, i can relate to her as being barely able to see without glasses too. i like calebs thoughts about the lake and orions personality hidden behind his jokes. this is of the best visual novels i ever played

aaa this made me cry. i completed the whole game and sometimes I still think about it. I thought I should leave a comment to tell you. It's such a cool idea and It's well executed. I really enjoyed this a lot, thank you, Caleb is my favourite.<3 


Thank you very much! It always makes me happy to read comments <3


I love your game. ^.^ This is my second time playing and I though it has so much depth, packed in such a short and beautiful game. *w*

I love Lina as much as other characters. And I'm so touched by Caleb and his thoughts on the sky, so very well said and I think his best (?) ending wraps everything up so well.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful writing and art with us. ^O^/

Thank you so much for the kind words! <3
Most people don't think of the MC as a character. Lina likes feeling appreciated too haha

Hi Selavi, ^O^/

I'm so glad that you're still around. I love MCs with their own agencies! ^.^ I find it so hard to get into games with less characterized  MCs nowadays, it's probably due to the fact that there are so many of them out there. I think falling in love with the MC is as important as falling for any other characters in the game. *w* And Out of Sight does a very good job of that hi hi.

I'm glad Lina feels appreciated, she deserves it. ^.^

Take care and much love,


Got ending 3 for my first run through, beautiful. It made me cry, cant wait to see the other endings

Congrats! Thank you for playing ^_^

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I'm confused on how to get ending zero. The walkthrough says after completing all the endings, play again and choose "go back to sleep." Where is this option supposed to show up?

It's an amazing game though. I absolutely loved it!

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Thank you! The choice should appear next to "try to find help" and "keep searching". If you don't see it, it means some other ending is missing.

After playing an otome game, I  browsed the internet and stumbled on this amazing game. I thought it was a sappy one to be honest, but this made me really sad. And touched. I feel like the endings were a bit incomplete  because I really like happy endings. And tragic ones too. I lean more on the tragic ones but I feel like happiness suited this story more. But! I love this game. The artwork is amazing, and as a writer and a reader, I really like your story! Hope you continue on many more amazing games like these in the future!

P.S. To be honest, I downloaded this cuz of the positive reviews. I never regretted it though XD

I'm so glad you gave Out of Sight a chance and that you enjoyed it. <3

This was beautiful but so sad, the 'happy endings' were so sad but it was so good

Caleb's path was beautiful; it held a lot of emotion and  heart. I love how you introduced the backstory, kept his personalty, and yet at the same time managed to further the main character. Speaking of main character,  I felt as though I could feel what they were... the artfully drawn scenes were a nice touch. 

Orion's path... well what can I say? The first time I played I fell in love with this crazy bastard and now? Now, I'm obsessed with this game. 

 Often times when someone has a nice story their art suffers and visa-versa. This one was exquisite both in art and in stories. For the well managed balance you've earned a follower. Great Job!!!

I just discovered this game today and gave it a shot. Long story short, it was defnitely better than I expected. I still felt so incomplete even with their best endings, but it's probably because I just wanted to see them actually be together cos I'm a sucker for really happy endings. XD XD

Seriously though, this is such a great game! I honestly became really teary-eyed at some point of the routes because I felt so sad. I could relate to this game too, because I am one of those people who wonder what happens when someone dies - not like I want to, not yet. But the concept of death is just so intriguing, not in a depressed way, but I'm a curious person so I do have these thoughts sometimes.

Caleb and Orion are so handsome and their personalities were greatly entertaining. There's also some kind of charm in only being able to see what they really look like at the very end of each route. It kind of makes you appreciate them more haha. Thank you for making this game, and I'm very pleased that I stumbled on this in the vast world of the internet somehow. The storyline of this game is very unique, and I'm looking forward to see what other kinds of visual novels you make in the future :)

The angel was very hilarious by the way. <3

Thank you so much for the kind words and for playing OoS ^_^

 I always tend to want to give every story a happy ending, but that just gets boring. I find that the stories that stick with me long after reading them are not the happy ones. It's usually the ones that leave me hoping for more, because they feel more "real" in a way :)

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Hello! I was wondering if Tranquil l Tempest is still in the works?

Wow, I love this game especially the Caleb route! I've seen a little boy 'ghost' when I was younger but it was always just a flash of his face appearing, playing this kinda made me think about that time... I wish he would come back, cause I was afraid of 'him' and told 'him' to leave me alone... Really nice game! Loved it!

So glad you liked it. It's really interesting hearing ghost stories. It's never happened to me, but I do think they could exist.

This game is so good!! :) Was super shocked with the plot twist LOL

I am really glad you liked it! I enjoyed seeing your reaction while playing and your voice was really nice and soothing ^_^ And it also made me see some of the typos I had missed too hehe. Thank you for taking the time to play it!

i loved it so much. Short but perfect! They Boys were also great and handsome *-*

Thanks for making this game it really made happy! :)

I liked this game.It's very different from what I've played before and it gives a certain feel and perspective.

PS:I read on lemmasoft that you're from Romania,and my jaw dropped,because I am too hehe

I'm glad you liked it! Nice to see others from Romania here too. ^_^

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This is trully a sublime story and soft approach to the topic of death.... and pardon me if I feel related more to Orion's story then Caleb's (I got the 7th ending first btw, maybe that's the source of the bias :D )

Thank you so much! I actually love hearing that some people like one path and some the other. To me it means that there is some merit to both. ^_^  

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That was so adorable!  It was a nice change from my 50+ hour visual novels.  Plus, I'm extremely near-sided and have horrible eye sight also (-7, -7.5).  I hope I can find some men at the park one day!

Thank you for making <3


You're very welcome. My eyesight is almost as bad, I know that feel. Let me know if you find cute ghosts in the park haha

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Thank you for such a beautiful game. I got misty-eyed in most routes and that doesn't happen to me often! Great writing and so great to have so many satisfying conclusions. Well done! Oh, and I wanted to compliment the art - my eyesight actually is about as bad as Lina's and it was cool to see a version of the Impressionist world I see when I'm without glasses or contacts.

Thank you so much for playing and I'm really glad you enjoyed it! ^_^  My eyesight is pretty much just as bad and the fear of one day being out in the world without my glasses is what inspired me to write this story in the first place.  That and the wishful thinking that there is some sort of other "sense" that could compensate for my bad eyesight haha

Right? We deserve some kind of sixth sense to make up for it. :)

I really loved the game.

Amazing storyline, and i instantly fell for both of the characters and shed tears at all of the endings. The whole game had a mysterious aura and since i played every single ending i can say that this is one of the best short VN i've played so far (and i have played many). Do you consider to make a sequel or is this the ultimate end of the game?


komae :)

Thank you so much for playing and taking the time to comment. ^^I haven't thought about a sequel, I am pretty happy with how things ended with each character. I am working on other games though :)

It's a lovely game, very interesting and pretty. I got the 'A strange world' ending and it's quite sweet.

Thank you very much for playing! :) That is my favorite ending hehe

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Hey love the game though i've only been able to get 4 endings, a better place, forgotten, a strange world and grateful. It would be nice if you did a guide.

Glad you liked the game. You can find a guide here. Hope it helps!