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A high school comedy visual novel about first love. 

  • one delusional heroine
  • 2 boys
  • ~10 100 words 
  •  6 pathetic attempts at romance
  •  4 endings 
  • vast amounts of pink 
  • questionable humor 


Hopeless romantic Marty (nameable heroine), arrives uncharacteristically early to school to find a boy from another class leaving flowers on her desk. She hides before he can see her, not wanting the situation to become awkward.

How will our nutty, manga-loving protagonist deal with the situation?  She will try to recreate classic romantic scenes from her favorite mangas with her not-so-secret admirer, Matt, in order to get him to confess his feelings. Duh! Fortunately, her reluctant sidekick Warren is there to help. Will she succeed, or will all her plans fail miserably? Hint: it’s not the former.


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are you still replaying to comments so i can ask you a question?

yes, I am

are you working on other games yet?

yes, but the progress is slow as I have real life responsibilities

oh i get it, of course. Just wondering if you have suddenly just stopped or retired.

I think I played this about a year ago (before discovering Itch). It's really funny and sweet, and the colors are great. I'm not sure why Marty likes Matt when Warren is amazing from skin tone to hair to face and personality but oh well, I guess it happens to the best of us. 10/10 will recommend this to my younger sister.

(Played Summer Found Me, too. That was awesome.)

(Also Out of Sight. That was sad, but awesome.)

Haha, my drawing skills didn't do Matt justice. I don't know what I was thinking with that hair XD  Thanks for thinking all of my games are awesome ^_^ <3

I'm not bugged by his hair haha. I just find Warren the most colorful character there . :)

This was a cute and funny, little visual novel :) Lovely artwork as well! Fun to play through.

Thank you for playing! ^_^