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So cute and sweet! I love the ad for your other game Out of Sight at the bus stop lol. I played Out of Sight years ago, and then Summer Found Me, and didn't realize you were the same dev. Hope to see more of your stuff soon!

So good and wonderful.  Love it!  Thank you so much!!! :D


Hello there! I just finished playing this game and unlocked all 4 endings (too bad there really wasn't a secret alien ending, lol). I actually saw the post for it on Lemmasoft back when it was released, and regret not taking the chance to play it earlier!

Anyway, I just wanted to say this story was really cute and funny! I enjoyed it a lot. Marty's was a fun and quirky MC, and her failed attempts at recreating manga cliches was priceless. Warren was definitely my favorite guy, sticking by her side despite the mishaps.

I definitely liked "Not M" ending the best. It just seemed so precious and sweet (and silly me slightly teared up a bit at how sweet it was). But "Signed Me" did clear things up for me (like what he was trying to explain but she didn't let him). 

In the end, I really enjoyed this cute little story. It may have been short, but you succeeded in making me care and enjoy all the characters! ^^


Hi! Thank you so much and congrats on finding all the endings! I myself was obsessed with anime and manga when I made this so there is a bit of myself in Marty lol.  I'm glad someone is still enjoying this lil game years later. ^_^

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You are very welcome, it was a fun read I'd definitely read again to put a smile on my face! I really love how despite the short length, there was still a decent amount of choice points and endings, very nice to see ^^

I also adored the chibi art, they were fun!

are you still replaying to comments so i can ask you a question?

yes, I am

are you working on other games yet?

yes, but the progress is slow as I have real life responsibilities

oh i get it, of course. Just wondering if you have suddenly just stopped or retired.

I think I played this about a year ago (before discovering Itch). It's really funny and sweet, and the colors are great. I'm not sure why Marty likes Matt when Warren is amazing from skin tone to hair to face and personality but oh well, I guess it happens to the best of us. 10/10 will recommend this to my younger sister.

(Played Summer Found Me, too. That was awesome.)

(Also Out of Sight. That was sad, but awesome.)

Haha, my drawing skills didn't do Matt justice. I don't know what I was thinking with that hair XD  Thanks for thinking all of my games are awesome ^_^ <3

I'm not bugged by his hair haha. I just find Warren the most colorful character there . :)

This was a cute and funny, little visual novel :) Lovely artwork as well! Fun to play through.

Thank you for playing! ^_^