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A background pack suitable for medieval/fantasy-themed visual novels. It has been updated periodically with new pieces since 2019. If you buy it once, you will have access to any new updates in the future.


This backgrounds pack currently contains 49 backgrounds as follows:

  • town (day,  evening, 2 x night versions)
  • tavern
  • prison cell (day, night)
  • potion shop - added in 1.2
  • archery range (day, night) - added in 1.3
  • castle (day,  evening,  2 x night versions) - added in 1.4
  • arcade - simple (day, evening, night)- added in 1.5
  • arcade - windows (day, evening,  2 x night versions)- added in 1.5
  • fancy bedroom with balcony (day, evening, night) - added in 1.6
  • simple bedroom with two single beds (day, evening, night) - added in 1.6
  • castle kitchen (day, evening, night) - added in 1.6
  • blacksmith - added in 1.7
  • fancy bedroom with bookcase (day, evening, night) - added in 1.7
  • garden with fountain (day, evening, night) - added in 1.7
  • store (day, evening, night) - added in 1.7
  • modest living room (day,  evening,  2 x night versions) - added in 1.8
  • residential street (day,  evening,  3 x night versions) - added in 1.8

All backgrounds are 1920x1080. 

All backgrounds are in a png format. 


If you decide to purchase and use my backgrounds, you are free to use them in free or commercial projects but do not resell or redistribute them on their own. Crediting if possible would be appreciated. 

Check out my gallery if you'd like to commission me to create backgrounds specific to your visual novel.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
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AuthorSelavi Games
GenreVisual Novel
Tags2D, assets, Backgrounds, castle, Medieval


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $20 USD. You will get access to the following files:

selavi's medieval backgrounds v1.7.zip 105 MB
selavi's medieval backgrounds v1.8.zip 126 MB

Download demo

demo.png 2 MB
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These are perfect for the game I'm making, if I purchase am I free to edit them to better fit the tone of my game? 

Sure, you are free to edit them, so long as you do not redistribute the edits by themselves or take sole credit for them in your game's credits, etc.

These are awesome! Looking forward to using these in my game, Next in Line. Are you going to be taking commissions this year? I couldn't tell from your website. 

Thank you so much. More are incoming. Your project looks interesting, I wish you good luck!
As for commissions, right now I have projects I'm working on, but maybe later in the year I will be opening them again.

Okay, thanks for the response. If you do open up commissions later on, I would definitely be interested. You are very talented.  I'll stay tuned for your upcoming work. 

Thank you!! Exactly what I needed!

May I be greedy and ask for a medieval corner store or a blacksmith's? *puppy eyes* They are incredibly difficult to find, and so far I've only found some... but not allowed to use with Renpy.

(Or can I commission them from you? Are you available?)


Hi! I just released 9 new pieces so I wasn't planning on adding anything else to this pack for now, but I do commissions. Send me a mail at selavi.games@gmail.com to discuss

I have been pulling my hair out for assets and you delivered. Will be sure to include links to my projects for ya!

Needed the Taverns

Nice! I look forward to more castle BGs in future! But is there a way for me to only purchase the additional BGs as I already bought one of the previous packs?

If you bought it once, you should be able to download it again. Try clicking buy and then "I've already paid for this" at the bottom of the popup.

Oh, thank you, I did not know that! Love your work ^_^


Looks great! Nice having a castle BG added


Thanks! I'll be adding more castle-related backgrounds in the future.

These are really clean and great! I'd love to see more medieval type stuff :P

Great work, and keep it up!


Thank you! More are in the making!

well you’ve got my follow :)